Residential Conveyancing

We have an almost unequalled knowledge of the local property market which we consider can only be of benefit to purchasers, whether first timers or otherwise.

We pride ourselves on a knowledgeable but common sense approach to legal issues that can arise during any conveyancing transaction. We offer a friendly yet professional approach to house buying and selling which has been rated amongst one of the most stressful times that one can go through.

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  • Services tailored to you

    We do not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ service

  • Flexible fees

    Simple and transparent fee arrangements

  • Dedicated lawyers

    You will have the same solicitor throughout your matter

  • Full control for you

    You decide what work is done and when

  • Sympathetic lawyers

    We will listen to you and your needs

Commercial Conveyancing

Acquisition or disposal of commercial premises including shops, offices and industrial units, mortgages thereover, and whether title is freehold or leasehold, including the granting of commercial leases from landlord to tenant or dealing with the assignment of such leases either on behalf of an existing tenant or the landlord.

A similar work ethic is also shown towards what can be more complex commercial issues such as rights of landlords and tenants in respect of commercial property.  Again our working knowledge of the local commercial property market tends to prove invaluable and clients can often find themselves being advised in regard to location of proposed business premises and financial viability as well as the legal aspects which will arise.

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