How can we help?

Family and matrimonial law

In matters such as marriage, we can help you with prenuptial agreements, separation, divorce and division of assets.  Advice can be provided regarding co-habitation disputes. We can also advise you on specific areas including residence, contact, prohibited steps, and specific issue orders. Where appropriate, we can refer you to mediators and counsellors

Employment law

Employment law includes issues such as unfair and constructive dismissal. We can negotiate and draft settlement agreements and advise you on grievance procedure, disciplinary procedure and other contractual problems.

Civil litigation

Civil litigation can help you to resolve disputes or claims between individuals, companies, local authorities and government departments. Areas include commercial litigation such as debt recovery, partnership and property disputes, and damage to property. We can advise you on your chance of success and the possible value of your claim. We can also negotiate on your behalf and, if necessary, represent you in court. Please contact us to discuss your situation and we will advise you on the strengths of your case.

Residential property

Whether you want to buy a neighbour’s field or to sell your home, we aim to make the process as simple and effective as possible.

Commercial property

Offices, shops, and manufacturing plants… leases, contracts and agreements… we can ensure profitable and legally watertight outcomes.