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Financial claims

When a marriage breaks down, the main concern for most people after the arrangements for any minor children, is the finances and how to split the available assets.

Separation and divorce are stressful enough and having constructive discussions with your spouse can become unbearable in those circumstances, which in turn can lead to unhappiness and on occasions rushed decisions.

Our lawyers will be able to assist and advise you whether you are in a position to have direct discussions with your spouse or whether you require a heavier involvement from us to narrow down any outstanding issues and reach a final agreement.

We are proud of the fact that the vast majority of the matrimonial matters we deal with at Bonell & Co are settled amicably, without the need to issue Court proceedings. In those cases, once the final terms of settlement have been agreed, we can assist in putting together a formal agreement (‘Consent Order’) for the approval of the Court that will bring any financial claims arising from the divorce to an end.

Alternatively, if no agreement is possible, we will provide you with the guidance you need to assess whether it is appropriate or indeed necessary to issue of Court proceedings, whereby the Court will determine in the absence of an agreement how the assets are to be split.

Having legal advice throughout the whole process will be vital for any agreement that is reached to stand the test of time. It often happens that spouses who have discussed terms of agreement amongst themselves forget to take into consideration valuable assets, more particularly their respective pension provision or potential entitlement to regular maintenance payments.

Similarly, parties who decide to divorce but not enter into a financial agreement in the hope any claims will disappear with the pass of time find themselves at the receiving end of a claim years after the divorce went through. A Consent Order is the best and most sensible way to ensure no future claims arise from the breakdown of the marriage.

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