Family Law

Divorce and Separation

It is common knowledge that almost half of marriages end up in divorce. In 2016 that figure was exactly 42% in accordance with recent figures published by the UK Office for National Statistics. This is an increase of almost 6% over the same statistic from 2015.

Contrary to popular belief, the divorce process in England and Wales is exactly the same for everybody and there is no such thing as ‘quickie’ divorces. Not even for rich celebrities.

The divorce process is a very structured process, normally carried out in full as a paperwork exercise that does not require either party to attend Court. That is, unless the divorce is contested. As such, you do not need a solicitor to get a divorce. Saying that, the Courts are very strict when it comes to the rules of the divorce process, so having legal advice and guidance throughout should expedite the process and avoid unnecessary hassle.

Our solicitors will be able to handle the divorce process for you at minimum hassle. We can also assist in circumstances where you have issued proceedings yourself and now require specialised assistance perhaps in order to amend the papers or deal with a divorce that is being contested.

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